How do employers feel about BSN vs MSN?


Hi everyone,

I'm new to the world of nursing and am deciding between getting a BSN or MSN. I have a bachelor's degree in public health and have ~two years of public health experience, 1 of which is at a state health department. I was looking at Seattle U's alternate entry MSN program, but am worried about being employed without having a BSN.

Are Seattle employers okay hiring MSNs without BSNs? I understand starting out that I may not be hired for higher-level positions without that much clinical experience so I'm okay working a few years as a RN to gain that entry-level experience....but I'm worried that Seattle employers may prefer/only want BSNs.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated!


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Just a note since I see you're new to nursing and don't know all of the terminology yet: you will ALWAYS be working as an RN, no matter the degree or the job, as long as you are employed as a nurse. I think what you mean is that you expect to do work as a floor nurse (a "regular" nurse in the hospital) until you have enough experience to move into something else.

I don't think you should worry too much about employers and the BSN/MSN issue. Jobs aren't that easy to find in Seattle at this time and BSNs are often preferred to ADNs, but that's what it means when it says "BSN preferred"-- that ADNs are second choice. It doesn't refer to MSNs.

Look more at what the programs will offer and what your ultimate goals are, and make the choice that way.