How should we educate health professionals in and for the future

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Found this forum scenerio for academic health centers while searching for Drexel info for my son.

.... two critical uncertain forces or variables facing health professions education - whether education will continue to: - take place within the AHC or in the community, and - be conducted within disciplines (e.g. medicine, dentistry, nursing) or be interdisciplinary. Placing these variables on two axes led to four scenarios to answer the question, "How should we educate health professionals in and for the future?"


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Where is the money? I hear nothing about who is going to pay and what kind of increase compensation the health care professional can expect as result of increased education. Is it going to be like the old BSN thing in the 70s. Then everyone was expected to get their BSN, pay for it out of their own pocket and then see no increased compensation for all the trouble? If it is then it will get the same results as the "85 proprosition. Everyone knows what a joke that was.

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