How Do I Research Persons for In Home Care for My Aging Father?


My dad is going to need in-home care. He needs help with personal care, house-keeping, medication, trips to the Doctors and paying bills. How do I check on applicants? Is there anywhere I can look to see someones (possible) criminal history - specifically in regards to caring for the aging? Do I need to hire a private investigator? I don't have much money - are there state or county orginizations that can help me with this? Applicant specific? If you can help me ask the right questions

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Call your county Agency on Aging, or similar department. They have social workers who can help you untangle these things.

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I would call some home-care agencies. I just interviewed with one that required a background check & reference check. Their clients are also allowed to call the caregiver's references & set up an interview with them before they start to work for them.


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Your best bet is from a licensed home health agency and even then frequently drop in unexpectedly to check up on how things are doing.. same advise that is usually given for family in nursing homes.

PS I don't know exactly what help he needs with bills.. but you might want to look into POA and possibly take over the bills yourself.

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I hate to say it- but you really cant trust anyone, so I would get as many referrences as I could and do many surprise visits. Make your needs and requests clear, write down as much as u think will help. Be in constant contact esp in the begining, and remove all valubles from the home- or it might not be there when you come back (happened to us with our Grandmother!)c

Check finger and toe nails, behind ears etc, let the caregiver know you are checking up.

Have an open ear to the caregivers needs as well.

hope it goes well!!!!

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