How to not be discouraged of seeing other Nurses fired/suspended?

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I am a new Nurse working in a Nursing home, and its like people who were training me kept telling me don't do this, or you will be fired, and they will tell me stories of Nurses who have done things or have forgotten to do things and have gotten into trouble and seeing that just makes me not want to work.

But other Nurses have told me, not to worry about other people or Nurses or what they are doing, but to just worry about yourself. It seemed to me that the Nurses training me were all warning me of what not to do and what to do, it seemed like they were all antagonized by management, and I get that that is the Nursing life, but is there anyway to not let that Psychologically affect me?


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Concentrate on doing what you are supposed to be doing, looking after yourself while you do your job. That is plenty enough to keep you occupied while at work.



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I agree, I think I just need to worry about myself rather than the other Nurse. I always look at the other Nurse and think to myself if I am not doing what they're doing, or if my work seems to easy, I am doing the wrong thing. I've always had an overthinking problem.

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Here's how to bullet-proof yourself: learn the correct way of doing things and don't cut corners that shouldn't be cut (for example, there are very few medication corners that can be safely cut; just don't). Make sure you show up reliably and on time, be willing to help others, try not to let your stress show. Conduct yourself with honour and integrity.

These measures will in no way guarantee smooth sailing; but you'll always be able to hold your head up and look people in the eye when speaking up for yourself.

I remember a coworker I used to have who was a lazy screw-up. She was always in hot water. A new grad who had just started was extremely worried that she'd make a mistake and end up in trouble too. But a new grad who's working at becoming competent is given a lot more slack than a seasoned employee who can't be bothered to care. Big difference.

So don't worry about what other people are doing. Look around for role models based on their competence and integrity, not who appears to be the coolest. You will probably do just fine.