How difficult is nursing school?


I'm an incoming freshman for college and my major is nursing. I'm just curious as to how difficult nursing is? Of course I plan on getting a tutor to help me with the book work but is nursing school as stressful as everyone says it is? I sometimes get anxiety thinking about how stressful it could be.

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How difficult anything is depends on a zillion variables, including your individual capability. It's a breeze to some people and the challenge of a lifetime to others.

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It is a challenge. You're a freshman and I can tell you this, you need new study habits. Your GPA is also very important if you want to get into the core nursing program. Make sure you ace your sciences and get a tutor if needed. If you're going to drop a class, do so with absolute discretion because having many Withdrawals on your transcript is a terrible look.

Congrats and good luck


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It depends. Is nursing your only career choice or you have other options as well? How did you decide on nursing?

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I have always considered myself to be relatively good at school and I felt that it was certainly a challenge, but sciences were my Achilles' heel long before college and proved to still be when choosing to go into nursing.

The program I applied for was known for being difficult and my lack of a natural affinity for a lot of the material did me no favors. That said, I truly believe the stress and anxiety of nursing school, while difficult at the time, helped to prepare me for the real world of nursing and life in general.

Imagine that the stress is water and you spend every day being thrown into it. Eventually, you either sink or swim. It will feel overwhelming at first but if you stick with it, over time you will become acclimated to it and at some point, you learn how to think and act rationally and clearly in a situation where you might have previously panicked, crashed, and burned.

If you graduate from nursing school without ever having felt truly stressed or at wit's end as a result of the work required, I would think that you were done a great disservice as your first job will make up for it tenfold.

My trick for managing to go on when everything felt like it was falling apart was to step back and think of all of my classmates and those who came before me and to realize that it was possible. It just takes a little patience and perseverance sometimes.


You got this!


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This is a very subjective question and every person you ask will give you a different answer.

It really just depends on what type of student you are, how well you study, how you do in your prereq classes, how much time can you put into school, motivation, if you're working or not, ect..

Since you're new to college, really focus on your prereqs and do the best you can with them. Nursing is very competitive, so you want to try to get all A's. If you have the passion and drive to succeed in school, and you put in the work, you will do just fine.

Best of luck on your nursing journey