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How difficult for Canadian new grad to work in US?

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Let's say I am a canadian BSCN student and I graduate in december. I am in my final term of nursing school in ontario. I am both an american and canadian citizen. How would I go about securing work in the States?

I have not yet taken the canadian nursing exam. I plan on taking the American NCLEX right away.

If I graduate in December, how many months will it take for me to actually get licensed as an RN in America?

The webiste for nurses does say 1 month or so, but we all know that most government agencies take much longer processing paperwork than they say they do ; p

Should I go ahead and start now?

Do American Hospitals hire Canadian BSCN students at all into the ICU, given that they might now want to take a chance on a newly minted canadian grad when they can take one of their own??

Does anybody possibly know of any incidences where an American has gone to canada for nursing school and then tried to secure work in the states?

(btw i'm not taking up a spot that would be meant for canadians--my program had problems getting the spot filled that year and actually underadmitted number of students. Plus my parents still live in canada and pay taxs there : )

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NotReady4PrimeTime has 25 years experience as a RN and works as a RN, CNCCP(C).

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Your post has nothing to do with Canadian nursing, it relates to working in another country. Therefore this thread will be moved to the International forum where it should be. No, you're not immigrating, but you are planning to work in a country other than the one you were educated by.

Canadian nursing education is highly regarded by most first world countries, and the US is no exception. Your question about being hired into an ICU is too broad, per se. Where exactly do you want to live? What hospitals are in that area? Which of them have ICUs? Then narrow the field to which ones hire new grads into their ICUs and THEN consider where you received your education.

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This OP has repeated the same question in different threads. Are you possibly a troll?

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