How did you decide?


How did you decide to be a nurse? I have always wanted to be in the medical field since I was very young but I'm worried if I will be able to handle it.

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Nasty things like poop/blood/vomit have never grossed me out. I always liked getting my blood drawn as a kid. Seemed like a good fit.


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Honestly the best way for you to know If you can handle it is go through a certified nursing assistant course. During mine one girl made it one day before she dropped out. After that she stopped going for nursing as well.


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Thank you that is a really good idea I think I will try that.

Volunteering would be a good way to see what the hospital environment is like. You can meet the nurses and patients and see what a typical day is like. But, as a volunteer you won't have the same opportunities to see the more difficult, hands-on jobs that the nurses do. Volunteers aren't allowed any patient care (you'll probably discharge patients and get them water/snacks, though). A CNA course would provide more patient interaction. Plus, most nursing schools give points toward admission for a CNA license.

Perhaps you could start taking your prerequisites for nursing school and become a CNA at the same time. I wouldn't put off on the prerequisites in you are already college age. They can take a long time depending on how competitive your gpa needs to be.


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I agree with you that volunteering is the best way to try that atmosphere. You'll be able to help others, as well. It is not so easy , to be honest, but only if it's not your cup of tea. Personally, I really like it.