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Hello all,

what would you do? I have been job hunting for quite a long time. I have yet to find suitable employment. I really don't know what area suits me so I am applying for all areas. I have worked in community my whole career. My question is how did you decide what area was a good fit, the economy doesn't help. Also has any considered or is currently employed as a clinical teacher if so how did you enjoy it, what were your concerns, what are the pros and cons of the position. Thanks

I'm not a nurse yet, so I'd be interested to hear what others have to say. I can tell you that I know where I don't want to work and why. I don't want to work in ICU or ED. I am not cut out for constant extreme shoe dropping. I'm good in a crisis but not when it's all day long, everyday.

I would think you would need to think about why you became a nurse. Meaning, was there a certain experience that made you want to become a nurse or do you have a passion for a certain population? I have multiple reasons for wanting to be a nurse but among some are the experiences I have had myself being in labor and post partum. I always had fantastic labor and delivery nurses. I also had fantastic post partum nurses, when I had complications with my last baby. I always thought I would want to be in L&D and that was it but now, I'm sure, I would love to spend some time getting there with post partum. Also, having seen some of my friends with not so good L&D nurses at other hospital or health care professionals in general treating them less than respectful because of lack of insurance also makes me want to be a nurse. The lack of respect for uninsured in my area is horrible. For other reasons, I would also would like to spend some time in oncology or working in a community health clinic.

I think you answered your question already..... unfortunately, the economy dictated to many of us what area to "choose"; it was chosen for us. It's just the reality right now. It is what it is, but it won't always be. I think the point is just to WORK, bide your time and be patient, and things will turn around eventually.

So I hope you find a job soon, and your "dream job" eventually. Best of luck to you.

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Choose to get a job right now. Later, you choose based on knowledge and experience and work history.

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