How do you decide what to go into?


I graduate in December. There are a few areas I've eliminated, and hold a curiosity about a few others, the rest I could take or leave. I know I'll be working in a hospital, but I have a dilemma about what area to work in. Any advice? Thanks

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It's good to use your clinical time for your own personal observation for this.

For those areas you hold a curiousity for, yet will not have clinical experience in, ask the nurse manager of that unit if you can shadow for a day and give the reason why.


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Shadowing is a great idea.

Think about what kinds of patients appeal to you, and find out where they go.

If you are really unsure, Med-Surg could give you a broad experience..

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Do they allow student nurses to shadow in Illinois? Does anyone have any info.

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For Illinois- I would call some local hospitals or wherever you want to shadow, and just ask.

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