How do you decide to change jobs/specialties?

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I've been working at the same place since I got out of school. I'm planning on staying at least until my two years is up, and then my husband and I are probably moving across the country, so I'm going to be looking for a new job anyway. I'm having the hardest time deciding whether or not to stay in the critical care world or move into something else. I'm really thinking about either going to a PICU or L&D. I think both could be much happier places than where I work now, and while I've had some amazing experiences, for the most part my job is just draining. I could complain, but truthfully I'm not terribly unhappy where I'm at, and would probably stay there if we weren't moving. But we are so I'm forced to make a decision anyway.

So... how do you decide? What factors make a job seem "right"?


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That's difficult to tell someone. If you feel moved to change it may be a good time to do it, however you are also moving to a new area of the country which will be a stressor and changing jobs, and changing paths may be a bit much. You might want to do a pros and cons list of your current field to determine how you really feel about it. It may be difficult to get into L&D where you are moving to without experience so you may want to check online for available jobs or take a short trip to talk to other nurses in the new area to see how they feel. Change is stress whether good or bad so you may not want to put too much stress on at one time. I hope I am not rambling, I didn't sleep well last night and am hitting my 4pm low. Good luck and keep us updated. I hope this helps.:yawn:


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I agree with shrinky, list pros and cons. No one can really answer this question except for you. But, I also want to suggest that if you decide to change, you do it before you go, because a new facility may look at your resume and see only crit care experience and kind of pigeon hole you there. Let us know what you decide, because I'm having the same sort of dilemma myself.

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Thanks for the advice. I've done pro/con lists before, but it really didn't occur to me to do it for this.

I guess I'm not really looking for The Answer, because I know I'm the one that has to live with the consequences of my actions. I do appreciate the advice and support. That's why I love allnurses!

Shrinky-I think you're right that changing everything all at once might be too much, that will definately go in the "con" list.

Strong_Willed-I'm afraid to change jobs now because I think a)if I hate it and quit it would but a financial burden on my family that we can't handle right now, and b)even if I like it I would only be there for six months or so, which makes my resume look weaker than if I just stayed where I am. But if I were braver I probably would just change jobs and see how that went before we moved.

Thanks again for your responses, I'll let you know what happens (if anything).

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