How did/do you deal with stress???


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I am starting nursing school in the fall and I've noticed how often people mention the stresses of nursing school. So my question is, how did/do you deal with the stress? I'm a stressful person by nature and I'm really starting to become worried that I won't be able to deal with the stress that comes with attending nursing school. ANY advice is greatly appreciated!!


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I am a first semester nursing student. The best thing to help me deal with stress is definetely going to the gym. I was going to cancel my membership cuz I barely went but I figured it would help clear my head and keep me fit at the same time. Nursing school definetely didn't help my diet and I would go get fast food with friends and waste money that I didn't really have. So I now prep my food the day before and it works out. I've been trying to eat healthy and when I go to the gym I can kill two birds in one stone and get an awesome workout and study if I really want to. But sometimes when I'm at the gym I don't want to even look at nursing stuff, only if I'm feeling motivated. Just feeling the sweat on my body after a hard workout gives me an amazing feeling.


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I started in January and it is stressful. I suggest you find something that works for you. I make lists. Lol I write and rewrite lists and somehow just organizing my thoughts seems to make things less stressful. I also exercise and listen to music constantly. Remember, one day at a time. And everyone is in the same boat, make friends and laugh with them. Everyone has their stressors and coping mechanisms,find out what stresses you out and how to cope with it. Procrastination is a stressor for me so I don't do it. I have my readings done before class and study throughout the week rather than cramming the night before. (I also have 2 small kids and work part time, it can be done!) And being late is a huge stressor for me, so again I leave early enough so that I get to class with at least 30 min. to spare. You'll be fine, most programs have great counseling resources too. Use them if you feel stressed! Good luck!


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Thank you! This helps a lot! I hadn't thought about identifying my stress as a coping mechanism but your right it can be!


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Midterms and exams are always my biggest stressor but I find going to bed early and getting up early to review my notes helps. I can not pull all nighters like so many people in my class!! I've learned that a good nights rest and a fresh morning brain helps to alleviate a lot of stress that way.

I also make calendars at the beginning of the semester with color coded course due dates and reading lists (sounds a little OCD I know). I find that when I have a visual hanging on my fridge or above my desk helps. It lets me keep track and check things off so I can see progress through my semester.

Listen to the people around you at school and make sure te people you align yourself with are as serious as you are about their education. First semester one of the girls I was friends with was a bit of a partier and a huge procrastinator. I got stressed out just being around her habits and shed always come to me for notes and last minute help. While I still talk with her I don't spend my study time with her or sit next to her in class. It's too distracting for me while in taking notes or reading over things between classes.

Finally, ask for help!! Your family and friends want you to succeed and if they offer help or you need it, don't hesitate to ask. I tried to take nursing school on like I was super mom/wife and soon found that I was putting too many expectations on myself! My family and friends have been a grey resource and support for me and I never feel weak asking for a little assistance!!

Good luck!


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Depends on how stressed I am! I (like everyone, I think) have healthy coping mechanisms and not-so-healthy coping mechanisms. I have venting/freak-out sessions with my nursing buddies.

I work out.

I drank a ton of wine in my first semester.

I eat chocolate.

I get enough sleep - I've never pulled an all-nighter and I've stayed up past midnight doing school stuff maybe twice. Sleep is good.

I plan ahead so I can give myself an entire 12-24 hours a week where I do nothing school related

I take bubble baths.

When I'm really stressed? You'll see me organizing. Breaking down every task into tiny pieces and scheduling them into my planner. Filing all of my papers.

You'll probably also find me yelling at my husband and wishing my kids could raise themselves for a while.

As far as tips go...plan ahead! Look at your syllabus. I'd you have a test on Monday, a project due on Tues, and conical logs due on Weds, find a lighter spot on your calendar and do your project then. The quality of your work will probably be higher and you'll thank yourself later.


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Thanks guys! I definitely like the wine consumption! LOL. My mind has been put a little more at ease. I'm taking Human Anatomy and Physiology intensive courses (they teach an entire semester in two months), so knocking out A&P 1 and 2 in a single semester is helping me learn some coping mechanisms for nursing school. It's definitely not easy when you have an exam, a lab final and a final exam in a single week, then start the process all over again the next week!