How to Deal with Extra Grace Required Nursing Staff


I know everybody knows about these kind of nurses who feel like some kind of god/goddesses of the ward--unfriendly to trainees, unapproachable, treating their trainees like slaves or cows, blaming their trainees for the mistakes they made, gossiping, and other unprofessional acts. What I hate about most is that they disrespect their nursing trainees. thinking that they belong to the pedestal and they could easily crush the people under them...insecure perhaps?

How do you feel about them? What steps have you taken to tactfully counteract their behavior while maintaining a professional contact?


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its not new to us, this is really the scenario of the hospital we have here in philippines. i dnt get why they are like that instead of guiding us in molding our skills they do the other way around. too sad to be true.


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I don't mean any offense on the Filipino culture but I do think that culture plays a big role to this kind of behaviors in the clinical area. I have noticed that these Sairy Gump nurses get insecure of the nurse trainees' potential that they throw all sorts of bad stuff at them.

Sort of crab mentality issue I think.

And I am not surprised that the nurses who do this are the ones who are still working here in the Philippines...stuck for good. The best and good ones are already gone in other countries. We are left of rotten apples.


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I find it better to them have their way for the moment. It's the easiest thing to do, and you dont have to suffer much. :D Just kidding.

Some staff nurses would like to find out how much they can get away with. Its up to you on how much will you let them do so. Just do your job and show them what you can and can not do.

It doesnt pay to be a smart-aleck, nor to be always in their "good graces," either.The former just asks for possible hostility, the latter, more abuse later on. Neither helps in making good working relationships.

Personally I found it amusing that if I show an air of confidence in who I am and what I do, just a shade off of being thought of as arrogant, I am able to avoid being abused and disrespected by staff nurses.

I have another good trait. I am a can-do-anything type of person, and I show that each and everytime. So I am able to make myself indispensable to them, even respected at times.

And it helps to let them see that other people in the hospital think highly of you when you change shifts, ward assignments. It limits what they think they can heap unto you.

I always tell my friends to: Keep your mouth shut when you dont need it. This refers to talking when you are supposed to talk, and keeping tact and/or silence when appropriate. What you say shows who you are, and if you cant add anything worth adding, just listen. This often works best with staff nurses who like to make tirades and rants, and criticise everyone, including you.:)

You just might get to have an insight to what ticks them off, and thus avoid doing just that in the future.

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Based from my own experience. Well that's how some people do for fun. I used to be bullied by some of the staff. I just dont mind them. If I'm wrong, of course I listen to them, accept my mistake and learn from it, but if they're wrong, I tell them my side, and if they dont listen, at least I already said my point and go on with the duty. Some even say that I'm "insensitive." I'm insensitive to all their insults. They really like it when you get annoyed. Just adds up to their fun. Because if you let it get into you, your a LOSER!

My suggestion, open your mouth when really in need and shut it if you dont need it. Of course you can open up with your co-workers with the same side as yours. You can also try to ask a staff that you think is approachale and open. And of course trustworthy. It does pays of to have someone to talk to.

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