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How competitive are post-bacc nursing programs these days?

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I am a pre-nursing student with a BA, planning to apply to a few Accelerated-BSN programs as I finish up my pre-reqs. As I've been searching for programs, I've become increasingly aware and surprised by how competitive these programs seem to be compared to even just a few years ago. The acceptance rates seem to be in the 10% range if I'm getting my information correctly. Even the possibility of getting into an ADN program (in California) looks bleak, especially with the competitive number of applicants and waitlist time.

Does anyone have any insight on what the reality of becoming an RN is these days?

How are the educational standards changing?

Has there just been a major increase in prospective nursing students?

Maybe this is a vague set of questions, but I'm really just looking for any insight about getting into nursing school in today's world and what to expect in the coming years.

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I was recently accepted into an accelerated program that has two cohorts enroll each year.

1st campus enrolls 150 students out of 600 applications.

2nd campus enrolls 25 students out of ~200 applications.

One thing admissions said was that they like applicants to have health care experience or volunteering experience to be a well-rounded applicant. It shows them that you are committed to the field of health care (or nursing) and you are taking the next step to be a health care professional.

I have also noticed that many individuals are going into nursing as a career changer so that means more candidates in the applicant pool.

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California - very. Some other places - much less so. The program I am in is not difficult to get into the nursing classes as long as you have the required pre-reqs and grades, but the program itself is no cakewalk. From the sounds of it though, everyone in California is trying to be a nurse. lol


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