How common are grants/scholarships?


Hi everyone,

How common are grants/schoarlships for you guys to pursue your nursing degree?

I am a second degree seeking person so this is a main reason why scholarships/grants might be a little harder for someone like me to get right away.

But I keep hearing that majority of those who pursue nursing in general take out loans mostly since it so hard to get any kind of grants/scholarships.

Those that do get it are very minimal and doesn't affect their tuition fees too much. :(

What are your opinions? Hard or easy to get?

Also working on my BSN and it's a 2nd degree --- you are correct that there are few if any (I've not found them) grants out there for us.. But I've gotten 3 scholarships that totals 3500$ per semester to help out.. so feel uplifted because they are out there.

1st step is to check with your school's financial aid office... when looking at the list of scholarships that are offered pay attention to any of them that have special requirements that you meet -- specific county resident, member of social organization, community involvement, etc.. you would be surprised that often times these go unclaimed because no one applies for them..


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I'm another second degree student. I wasn't able to get any financial assistance until this year because I had to report my parents' income, but this year, I was able to get several scholarships. They are merit scholarships so I would recommend you do your best to keep your GPA up and apply to any and all scholarships available to you if you want to avoid loans. There aren't as many non-merit based scholarships available, at least at my school.

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When I got accepted to my ABSN program a few years ago, I googled "non-traditional student scholarships/grants". I applied to those I qualified for. I also looked at my school's program for any grants/scholarships they were giving out.


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Dear 203brave,

Thank you for your post and advice for me! I'm glad you were able find scholarships for your degree, it gives me and others hope that they do exist out there!

The amount is very good considering all I have seen are awards for about $100-300 as a one time time award. But of course, i'm grateful for anything I can hopefully get.

Also, I have seen a ton of scholarships that you spoke of (i.e. "specific county resident, member of social organization, community involvement, etc") but the thing is, I don't apply because I don't qualify for them and i'm sure a ton of other students think the same thing because the requirements are too specific (i.e. Must have a family member working for them, must have been in certain club, must be of a certain nationality/background etc). :/

May I please ask in your opinion if general scholarships (for any majors) or if nursing scholarships (even for 2nd degree) will be more common? This is because I am thinking if nursing ones were harder to find, especially for 2nd degrees, then maybe general scholarships are more common? Were yours specificially nursing scholarships only?

Thank you very much for your time! :)


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Dear MissChloe,

Thank you for your reply! So since you had to wait until you wait for your program to start since it's merit based, does this mean you weren't able to apply for anything before your program starts?

I will definitely take your advice, thank you. :)


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Dear iPink,

Thank you for your reply, I will look into that! Best of luck to you. :)

Thanks again!