How close does Mary McDonald book resemble NLN?


Hey all!

I am taking the NLN in 2 and a half weeks and am beginning to get really nervous as have only applied to one school. My GPA is good but I havent studied tons for this exam as I am currently taking Micriobiology and Organic Chem and have so much study to do for those. I know alot of you here have taken it and was wondering if you could please help me out a little. My questions are:

1. How close is the review book to the actual exam?

2. Is the Math section mainly Arithmetic or Algebra?

3. What did the Science section mainly consist of?

Any and all info would be SO GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks everybody, and good luck with your careers!!!

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The format is accurate for all areas. Study your roots and try to practice other vocab tests as well and then let the vocab part go. There is no way you can know all the words they can possible test us on. I am reading as many comprehension tests as I can as that part makes me most nervous.

I have heard the math is dead on accurate and enough for you to do well. The physics portion is lacking. Everyone says to really know electricity, etc. I have also heard that most tests have more chemistry and physics which is odd as we are studying to be nurses. lol I am also reviewing the Kaplan Guide. Hope this helps!! I take mine on 3/3 so I feel your pain.

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