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I am a high school student who plans on majoring in nursing and some day getting my masters in neonatology. I am somewhat overwhelmed by the number of nursing programs out there! I would appreciate any advise on chosing a nursing (rn) program. I am looking at schools in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Alabama. Though I'm open to other locations. I do want a school between 5000-11,000 students, friendly atmosphere, coed, on campus living, the usual college stuff! I am limited by tuition costs (tuition & room/board $10,000-11,000 per year) so I most likely will be attending a regional university. How do I begin to know which schools have the best nursing programs? Also, do potential employers really look at where I attend college as long as I've passed the national boards? Is there a web site with undergraduate nursing program rankings? Sorry about all the questions! I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions any of you may have! Thanks alot!

Hi there,

Yes and no- I think potential employers do look at where you went, but as long as you have a liscence , I can't see that it would impede you being hired. In NC, the board of nursing keeps a list of pass rates (for NCLEX) for the past five years on their web sites. The school should be able to tell you flat out their pass rate. you want it to be well above 80%- actually it should be more like 90% at least. Other than that, I would say go where it looks like you will have fun!

One recommendation I would make is to inquire about the availablity of all clinical specialties to students. My school (Creighton U) made sure we got every clinical in every field. I know many other nurses who never got out of med surg clinicals at their schools and were told "you will pick it up once you graduate". I found it very helpful to have had hands on practice in peds, ICU, psych, L&D, community health, LTC, ER, OR and PICU. You enver know where your career will take you and I found those clinical experiences so valuable.

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