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How to choose a job after an offer?

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Hi, I'm graduating in December and have been applying for jobs all semester! I am going to graduate with my BSN along with certifications in ACLS, PALS, and NRP. I love everything critical care, L&D, and kiddos. I have been applying for Adult ER jobs.

I applied for the Emergency Track in Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program, but got interviewed for their Progressive Care track (Transplant/General Surgery, Surgical Step down, Cardiovascular Surgery Step down, Cardiac Surgery Progressive Care, Cardiovascular Medicine Step down). I got a job offer!!! I'm not particularly passionate about this area of nursing, but I am passionate about patient care (I love to take care of patients regardless of their diagnosis).

I just do not know whether to accept it or not. I have an interview for a Level 1 Trauma Center tomorrow in Virginia and then interview for another hospital in NC in December.

How do I choose what I want to do? Vanderbilt wants to know my acceptance by Tuesday (11/25) but I will not have any other offers before then!

What would you do? Would you work at an amazing hospital where you would love to work on a unit you're so-so about, or would you wait for a job on a unit you really like?


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I was on the wait list for interviews at Vanderbilt for their new grad residency. They called me on a Wednesday and wanted me to come for an interview the next day. I told them that it is a 6 hr drive and I can't do an interview with only 24 hr notice. She was amazed that I would turn down the interview. If they treat their potential employees that way, how do they treat you when they hire you. I accepted a job today from a hospital group that treated me extremely well and went out of their way to make sure I get into a unit that I would be happy in.

New grad jobs are extremely difficult to get. The average new grad sends in hundreds of applications over anywhere from 2 to 6 months before getting an interview in some parts of the country. There are new grad RNs who have all the certifications and a BSN and wait a year to get a job, or can only find a job in a SNF. A job at a prestigious hospital with a firm offer before you even graduate and take the NCLEX is a true gift. In my opinion you would be nuts not to jump on this job! If you get another better offer, you can always call and tell them something came up and you have to decline.

Take it and be very proud of yourself, you must have shown them something very special!

I agree with the above; take the offer, continuing interviewing and then decline if you get something more suitable. Multiple offers are better than no offers; I accepted three graduate positions and then later told two I would not be joining them when I got the offer I wanted.