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How can I study/take prerequisites for nursing program.?

by sudha0725 sudha0725 (New) New

I'm from computers background and currently working as IT professional. I want to pursue nursing thru advanced BSN program. To be eligible for that, I need to get atleast C in the following credits.

1. General Chemistry with LAB

2. Human Anatomy with LAB

3. Human Physiology with LAB

4. Introductory microbiology with LAB --> all of them are 3 to 4 credits.

My question is where can I get these credits? I live in Los Angeles. Any idea, which college provide these?




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Any community college should offer those basic classes. Why don't you just take them at the school you want to go to nursing school at? That way you'll be sure the credits transfer, and you'll have one less transcript to wrangle. :) Good luck!

You should be able to get online and look at some of the colleges' nursing programs in your area.