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How can I be a good psyche nurse?


Hi all!

Hoping to get some great insights about psyche nursing. After working in the hospital and interacting with many psyche patients, it has peaked my interest. I'm soon to start a pat time position at an inpatient psyche as a brand new psyche RN, and am excited/nervous.

My question is what can I do/focus on so I can be as efficient as I can be. Time management, collaborating with physicians/social workers, etc.

What can I expect from interacting with patients? Things to look out for, handling situations I may not be familiar with. What are some things you wish you knew before starting your psych job?

Any insight would help. I'm sure I'll do most of the learning when I start my job, but any tips are well appreciated.

Thank you.

Safety Coach RN

Specializes in Behavioral Health. Has 8 years experience.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.... regardless of how they treat you.

Patience, tolerance and understanding go a long way in psych.

areason4stars, ASN, RN

Specializes in Pediatric Private Duty AND Child/Adolescent Psych. Has 12 years experience.

I dont know how it is at other psych jobs but my job at a residential psych facility for children/teens is way more paperwork heavy than any other nursing job I have had. I almost feel like a medical secretary vs a RN some nights.


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Be genuinely kind and caring. But keep firm boundaries.

hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

Specializes in Psych, Addictions, SOL (Student of Life). Has 19 years experience.

All the above suggestions are great. I would add "Don't engage in power struggles with the patient."