How can home health care helpful for elder people?

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Can any one answer me the above question that how can home health care assisted for elder. I face many trouble related to my grandmother to leave her at home alone. So can any body suggest me some helpful home health care services?

Any agency that provides care for seniors can help you with this. People can come in to assist with any number, or all, of her "activities of daily living", including preparing meals, bathing, getting up and dressed for the day, medication reminders, and even just companionship. I suggest you go online to the websites of local home care agencies and read about their services and call some of them to have things explained in more detail.

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What kind of services does your grandmother need? Home Health Aides can help with household chores and ADLs. In my state, Medicaid offers a PCA program to help enable persons with disabilities to live independently. In that situation, an agency (a nurse and an OT) go in to evaluate the client and determine how many hours they qualify for. The person then hires their own PCA who is paid by Medicaid. They can help with things like bathing, eating, etc.

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