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because of global recession, nurses from philippines who also dreamed of working in the states are also very much affected. i for one applied for usa through an agency that deploys nurses to tennessee. i just wanna know how the conditions in tennessee are compared to the other heavily affected states. or is it the same all throughout america?

is tn also greatly affected by the recession? or should i just throw my american dream and join the exodus of nurses finding other countries? :crying2:

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I am a new grad on a Med/Surg floor, and we have about 4-5 nurses from the Philipines. 4 of them are older, and one is a new grad.

Im sure you'll be able to find something. We have plenty of philipino nurses at the hospital I work at. I like them too =)

Edit: Forgot to say, Im in Nashville, TN.


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The recession isn't really hurting nurses too much. Nurses are having a hard time getting jobs right now, but if you land a job you'll be fine. I promise you'll be able to afford your bills in the recession if you have a job. I personally haven't noticed the recession..I got hired into a job in the middle of it. The only thing I've noticed about is was the falling prices of gas as well as the falling value of my portfolio. >.

But Tennessee is a beautiful state with pretty decent weather, so good luck!

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I live in Oklahoma and its not really affecting us here, yet.

Hopefully it won't.


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I live in Tennessee and the area I live in is experiencing a decrease in the number of available nursing jobs. Nursing schools in this area are churning out new grads, but very few are finding jobs. One large hospital closed and the nurses from that hospital entered the competition for jobs. Not to mention the economy which has sent many retired workers back to the bedside or caused many workers to pick up extra hours. I know where I work we are working bare bones and being called off quit alot. Funny though, the number of patients really hasn't decreased only the number of employees allowed to work. grrr

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wow... i thought tenn and okla would be comparable to one another but i guess not.

as far as i know we are not having those problems in the medical field, from what i understand nurses are still in high demand here. maybe some people should relocate here to good ol oklahoma? cost of living isnt too bad either.


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Have to be honest, I am quite discouraged but Im not gonna quit yet. I will finish and pass my NCLEX and after that I'll wait or find other means too while waiting. Thanks for all your input.


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I work at one of the largest hospitals in NE Pennsylvania, a Trauma Center, Burn Center, teaching hospital, the works, employer of over 10,000 people and the recession has even hit us. Luckily I was hired there just before things got bad but now we are in a hiring freeze too and some nurses have had their departments reassigned drastically..... Med-Surg nurse sent to Peds, Neuro ICU nurse sent to NICU are only two circumstances I know of personally. Sadly it seems like right now, at least in this area, many people can't afford to be too picky specialty wise, might just need to sit in a position you might not love until one pops up that you do. Good luck with whatever you do!


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Oh I won't mind as to where they assign me as long as I do land in a job which I worked for since I enrolled in my nursing education.

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