How to ask for an interview from a Hospital you "rejected"

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Okay, here is my dilemma: I want to leave my NEW job for a better opportunity at a Hospital that I previous "rejected" an interview with. I rejected an interview with this hospital because during the time they contacted me (~2-3 months ago), I just accepted a position from my current job. I felt at that time I could not ask for a leave of abscence to do an interview since I just started. I wasn't about to decline a "for sure" job over a job that has not promised me anything aside from an interview. Anyway, I've been browsing the hospital's website again and I saw that this position is still open and has astrix symbol beside it-- meaning they're actively hiring for this position. I have the contact person's name already, I was wondering how to I go about asking for an interview again? I explained to Secretary my situation before and she was really nice about it. HELPPPP!!!! I really want this position and it would kill me if I don't try.

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Since you did not respond to the previous interview request, that hospital probably put you in a 'discard' or 'inactive' category. Each facility has its own procedure for handling these situations. You may need to actually reapply for the position to get reactivated. Contact that HR department and ask them what you should do.

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