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How to approach recruiter

Lev specializes in Emergency - CEN.

I work in a very busy emergency department. I have been there for almost two years. In general, I like where I work. However, people are leaving constantly and now there is a new manager and educator. There is an ER closer to me with 40% less ER visits a year that is hiring. I have been messaging one of the recruiters on LinkedIn. I am not sure that I want to leave my current job but I want to see what is out there. The recruiter asked for my resume and asked if I was interested in full time. I want to check it out but am unsure if I want to leave. How does it look if I interview and do share time but not accept the job because I don't know if I want to leave?

If you interview and don't like what you see, or decide not to accept an offer, I don't see a problem with this. Remember, the interview is a two way street; while they are are evaluating you, you should be evaluating them as well.

Lev specializes in Emergency - CEN.

Can they hold it against you if you don't accept? Lets say I decide to apply there again?

Can they, sure. Will they, I doubt it.

A few years ago I interviewed at a facility and was offered a position, which i declined. A few months later I applied for another position at the same facility, dealt with the same recruiter; she was aware that I had previously declined a position. After the interview I was offered a position.


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