How to apply for NCLEX RN TEXAS FROM DUBAI??


Hello everyone!

I badly needed your help. I need assistance in applying for nclex rn texas examination.

First, I am a Batch 2013 Registered Nurse in the Philippines and I got 1 year experience in a small local hospital. I am 22 years old and currently, I am residing in Dubai, UAE and also working for almost 2 years as a Registered Nurse in a known hospital. I have relatives in Texas, USA and they want me to take NCLEX exams here in Dubai. But I don't know the requirements and the step by step procedures. I read the requirements on the Texas BON website but it is a bit confusing on my part. Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

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Starting point would be CES report from CGFNS or other acceptable agency as per the TX website. Then submit application to TX BON and wait for approval to sit exam. Then register with Pearsonvue who will send you your ATT once they get the OK from BON and you can then schedule sitting exam. After that you will have to find employer willing to wait the 8 years that the current time-frame is for someone born in the Philippines

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hello, have you taken the nclex rn exam? HOW WAS IT? im planning to take mine so anxious :(

currently here in UAE also :)