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Hi Everyone!

I am new to travel nursing and will be going back and forth from Houston to Chicago for the next year and am looking for some advice!

I just got a "quote" for my first travel assignment in the Texas Medical Center in Houston and my gut feeling is that the pay is too low. I have been working in Chicago for the past 4 years and am used to 32/hour as a staff nurse. I am experienced in tele, have acls, and pccn.

The quote I got is:

1025/month for housing stipend

35/day for meals and incidentals

and the part I considered too low.......23.80/hour

Being this is my first experience with travel nursing; any comments would be appreciated!

Thanks :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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yah thats too low. They must think you are fooled or something. even new grads make higher, plus in the med center they pay way higher than that per hour.

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I am completing my first travel assignment and I feel that your compensation package is too low. While I am making $5 per hour less than you working in a small "vacation destination" in the Northeast, my housing allowance is nearly double. Perhaps you can negotiate a higher housing allowance and a slightly lower hourly rate. Remember, you hourly rate is taxed, but your housing allowance is not. Good luck!


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Houston is probably going to pay less than Chicago.. Right now you are looking at about $32/hr from the #s given in your quote. How much are they paying for travel expenses? What about Health Insurance and vacation since you will be there for 1year?

On that note, another thing to consider-- A 1-year contract will void your "PerDiem" as you will not be considered a Traveler.

Ask them what the rate would be if you decided to go "1099" status.

wow, that is a low hourly wage...eek.

If you are interested in a fully furnished place to stay, PM me. I am going to be traveling back and forth to another state as well, and was just looking on the travel site to see how I could get another nurse roommate.

I live about 20 mins from the med center.