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has anyone applied for the houston community college lvn/rn nursing program?...in need of feedback in regards to their program versus others...any suggestions?..


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i have done tons and tons of research. hcc is very tough only the brightest make it through. lone star is a good one too. i'm still in the pre reqs stage. which hcc do you plan on attending? have you applied? you to do alot of pre reqs before applying. with lone star only pysc, sociology, and a&p1 is required. i probably transfer to lonestar not because of the horror story but it is closer.


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i'm currently in the pre reqs for hcc to me there the easiest i turned in my application for the spring semester they send me an interview letter so am lookin forward to goin i can't wait to be accepted to me any school is good as long as you get in the program

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Living in the area I can honestly say I haven't heard a lot about HCCs nursing programs compared to others in the area which seem to be more popular. COM, Lee, Alvin, SJC, Galveston College and Lone store all have ADN programs so you have lots of options..