Housing in Ann Arbor for Accelerated Second degree Student


I have talked to a few people already (thanks for the input), I was wondering if anyone knew the Ann Arbor area well enough to give me some advice on housing. I will be starting the accelerated program in the fall. I am looking for a studio or one bedroom either close to North Campus (waling distance) or on a bus route that will bring me close. Preferably an apartment complex over a house but my options are open. If anyone has any recommendations on a good places to live or places not to live I would appreciate anything.

Thank you!


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One of my buddies lived in island drive apts (http://www.islanddriveapts.com). Close to the medical center/Ingalls halls. the rent was high $800 for a one bedroom. I am debating either to get an apt close to campus and pay more or 10mins away (cheaper) but then worry about parking. I know that parking spots are around $50/month around there. hope that helps.

If i find a cheaper/better place to live i'll post.


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Hi parris,

I forgot to ask you what your budget was? What's the max amount that you would pay?

Alissa :-)


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I am really not sure. Going into it I was thinking things were cheaper than they are, so now I am willing to pay more than before. If I really LOVE something I would be okay with $750 range. However, I hope to find something more in the $600 range. I am looking on craiglist now for possible roomates to share something with.



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hi everyone,

i was accepted into the second career program at u of m beginning in the fall of 2009. i can't explain how wonderful it makes me feel!

i am planning on driving to ann arbor this coming week and doing some house searching. this means going around and talking to people about where to live. i also want to go to the school of nursing and ask them for advice.

i can share what i find out here.

but, i wanted to ask all of you if you would be interested in possibly living with me. i am open to living close to the school of nursing (provided there is parking). i am also open to living outside town in a small house with a roommate. is anyone interested?

i am still hoping that the school of nursing will connect me with a current student, so i can ask all the questions i have.

anyways, i will let you all know what i find out and i am looking forward to hearing from all of you, and, eventually meeting you!

so, let me know if you are interested in rooming and what you had in mind.

all the best!


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I am also interesteded in finding a roommate. I sent you a private message with some more information.



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parris & i are looking for a third roommate for late august/early september 2009 to august 2010. we were looking at two bedrooms, but consequently we have seen some nice three bedrooms around town, so if you are interested please let us know. we would like someone who is also in the same program!

i think we decided that between $600-700/month on housing not including utilities (but they would be cheaper if we shared!).

our free days are fridays to schedule appointments to view potential places. please let either one of us know if you are interested in rooming!

most sincerely,



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oooooooohhhhhhh if I didn't have the baby I would definitely be up for joining you two. I am so envious! Sometimes I miss those days :-( Congratulations on the admit Kazoo!!!! I've been talking to parris by e-mail for a few weeks now and I'm here for you as well if you have any questions. I'm right by Ann Arbor (in Chelsea) and lived and worked in Ann Arbor for 5 years (2 on campus while studying). I know the area really really well if you have questions. Let me know if you need my e-mail.

I look forward to meeting you soon and starting the program in September!!!



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yeah, i wish you could join us! i am looking forward to meeting you as well (& baby!).

all the best!


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I just (today) got into UM's second career program as well. I went to UM for my first bachelor's degree so I am pretty familiar with campus locations, and I still live in Ann Arbor. For finding roommates on campus, I highly recommend using the following:


Its the UM housing website board for students to login and find roommates or post sublets or whatever. Craigslist is also good, especially if you're more interested in slightly off-campus (though it does have campus listings too). Kerrytown would be a nice location convenient to the nursing school and downtown (walking distance to both).

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