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Do any of you work in a County Correctional facility? If yes I am wondering what hours are covered by nurses. At our facility the nurses cover 7am until 7pm then take call from 7pm til 11pm. They are posting a position for a Supervisor of the nurses (cart before the horse) - nurses started covering there from the Public Health Department but with no guidance/supervision other than the Sargents at the Correctional Facility. Any suggestions


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Depending on the amount of inmates and how many nurses you have usually determins how many hours that you are there. We have some smaller facilities in our state that only have nurses there for 16 hours a day then someone on call for the last 8 hours. The larger facilities are open 24/7 because there is something going on all the time or you have an infirmary and there has to be a nurse there all the time. And the amount of time the nurses works is different everywhere also. Some places it is totally 8 hours and there is others that work 8's and 10's and then some places use 12 hours. Just depends on the facility and how you set it up.



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The American Correctional Association (ACA) has requirements for medical coverage for ACA Certification.

Does your Facility need ACA Certification? If they do, ACA spells out what coverage is necessary.

If they are not certified by ACA, then local standards apply.

IN OTHER WORDS: "Who Certifies your Jail?" You need to meet their standards.

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