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I work in Texas in a long-term facility and work double weekends (0600-2200 Saturday and Sunday). I am considered full-time, however, we do not have the Baylor Plan so I only get 32 hours/week. Tonight we had an agency set up to send a nurse to work the 10p-6a shift who called in at 9pm. The on-call nurse was notified and said she tried to find coverage but no one answered. She said she could not come in due to her baby (she just got off maternity leave) was asleep and she had no one to watch him. So, here I am on Sunday night, after working 32 hours with 4 hours of sleep and no one to relieve me at 10pm. The on-call nurse gave up on tying to find coverage and of course did not come in. I called the DON and ADON who did not answer. I was able to get a nurse to come in, who relieved me at 0130. My question is- since I only get 32 hrs/week do I not get over-time? Is it legal for me to work that long? Shouldn't I get SOMETHING for that?! I'm pretty pissed off and about to quit.


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Check with your local labor board. These questions are right up their alley. Try looking on their website for the information and to lodge a complaint/claim for wages owed.

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The on-call nurse should be disciplined. She is responsible to cover any shift she is on-call, therefore she should have had childcare already set up in case she was needed to come in.

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