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Hot topics for NPs?

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by mspontiac mspontiac (Member)

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Hello all

I am not an NP, but I am aspiring to be one in the future. Right now I am still at the bottom of the ladder and I am taking my gen ed classes with the goal of being accepted as a nursing student for fall of 2008 (I will be going back to school full-time at that point.)

Currently I am enrolled in English 102 and we are to write our final essay on hot topics within our area of concentration. I am starting the process of gathering ideas so that I am well prepared when it comes time to begin writing.

So, can any of you tell me what are some current active topics for NPs?



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natrgrrl specializes in LTC.

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I'm not an NP either (yet!!) but I would suggest looking at the other topics posted in the Advanced Practice section. Some of the topics there are NP roles vs. PA roles, prescriptive authority in different states, collaborating with a physician, different roles of APRNs etc.

Good luck on your paper.

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