Hospitals-Education Assistance? LNA/CNA $?


ok, so i don't know if my dad is nuts, but this is the second time he has mentioned this over the past few yrs.

he said a hospital in lancaster, nh will help pay for your education if u work for them in exchange.

now, i have heard of dhmc doing that if u are a lna with them or something...

and speaking of which, how much do cna's/lna's in this state make? i am in northern, nh and if i can get education assistance for working as a lna/cna i think it is def. worth it because you get experience and a real insight of the environment, as well as help with the $....

anyone know hospitals in the northern part of nh that do this? or where i could find out??

thaaannkkk you!


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I'm going to work for DHMC (satellite hospital) next month. I'm a new LNA, no experience other than being a nursing student, which they liked, and I am getting $10/hr flat rate, with $2/hr differential for weekend days. I think each have their own differential rate, and that's where a lot of the $$ are made for LNA's.

They do have tuition reimbursement based on the # of hours per week you work there, plus how many months/years of service (I believe). I can't remember the exact figures, and they're probably different for each hospital, but they DO in fact encourage LNA's in a nursing program to continue their education and offer some incentive. Worth checking out!


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I suggest contacting any hospital that you're interested in working for, and letting HR know you're an LNA/student, and pursuing your RN degree. I imagine most hospitals around NH would consider making a deal with you to reimburse you for your education in exchange for a certain number of years that you agree to work for that hospital. seriously, with the nursing shortage in new hampshire, you can pretty much call your shots and let the hospital know what you need.

good luck!


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Yes, Weeks Hospital is the one in Lancaster that you're talking about, and they do sometimes offer a sign-on bonus, I think. They are also a DHMC affiliate. Not sure what their LNA employment is like (if they use them much, etc.).

St. Vincent de Paul nursing home in Berlin may offer a bonus as well---I think I read that advertised w/in the last 4 months.

As far as pay rates, the county nursing home in West Stewartstown starts LNAs at $9.47/hr and after a few months goest to about $10 in rounded figures. They pay a $1 differential for weekends, and $0.60 for 2nd and third shift any day of the week.

Home health in the Colebrook area pays somewhere around $7.50 (maybe even only $7.35) and a very small amount for mileage. You may get more in Berlin or Lancaster or Conway, but I doubt it would be significantly different.


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Yes, I meant also that I've seen ads for Weeks in the past offering education assistance if you work for them for a while. They are at 788-4911

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