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Good day everyone!,

So I am anxious to my upcoming interview in one of the hospitals in my area. I would like to know for you guys who had been interviewed in the hospital , on what do they commonly ask to their candidates during interview?. I also don't know which department they are looking nurses in for hiring, because I had applied for several of their areas and its been months before they got back to me so I have no idea. They gave me a Medication study guide to review focused on drug/IV computations, I have been told there would be a sort of exam about it.

Any tips , advice is gladly appreciated!, Thanks guys.


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As a new grad, I've only had one hospital interview...didn't get the job, an experienced nurse did. Which isn't necessarily bad, I hope that one day my experience counts for something and works in my favor. The questions they asked me were "where do I see myself in 5 years?", "do I see myself as a leader and why or why not?", "in my past, how did I handle a difficult patient?", "how do you deal with uncomfortable situations with coworkers?", "what is something your patients have taught you about nursing?" And "what does effective teamwork look like?". Good luck to you!

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As a new grad, they asked me normal interview questions (you can find many on Youtube) and asked me to relate them to either nursing school or previous jobs that I had. They didn't ask me anything nursing specific.