does your hospital hire new grads for ICU/CVICU/SICU, etc


Does your hospital hire new grads for the critical care areas (not counting ED)? What type of training do they provide? Would you recommend it? Pros/Cons? Do you know if they make you sign a 1yr, 2yr, or 3 yr contract for such a position?

I am really interested in the DFW area, but any and all info would be appreciated!



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I know Plaza Medical in Ft Worth took a limited # of new grads into their critical care internship. Theirs was a decent internship with dedicated preceptors and a CNS administering the program. Extensive classroom work was required before the student ever walked into the critical care areas. Applicants needed excellent grades, have letters of recomendation from instructors, write an essay, and were interviewed extensively. They rotated through all the critical areas (ICU, CCU, Neuro ICU, and Stepdown) then afterwards they interviewed with the specific directors for placement.

Since it is expensive to train new grads in this way, I believe if they left before a certain agreed timeframe they had to pay $$ for cost of program. Seems to me it was 2-3 yrs. Sorry but don't know more details..suggest you contact the facilities.

Good luck. :)


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thanks for the reply. I will contact them as the time nears.

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