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This is what one of our local hospitals gave to new nursing students. Sounds nice, but I'm not in that nursing program so we got jack squat!


]New nursing students at Tulsa Community College each received a $1,200 gift from Hillcrest Healthcare System this week.

Hillcrest presented each student with $500 in textbooks and reference books, another $700 in electronic books and references, and a rolling backpack to carry it all.

The gifts, handed out Tuesday and Wednesday, helped Hillcrest recruit students at a time when nurses are at a premium because of a nationwide shortage. Already, about a third of the new graduates that Hillcrest hires come from TCC, according to Hillcrest.

"It's always good to get your name out there," said Eric Burch, chief nursing officer of Tulsa Regional Medical Center, a part of Hillcrest Healthcare System.

More than that, Hillcrest wanted to make it easier for more students to become nurses, he said.

"We don't want anyone to drop out of the program because they couldn't afford books," he said.

Hillcrest gave materials to 106 students.

With the donation, students will only have to buy one or two books a semester, said Ann Anthony, associate dean of nursing.

Student Cherish Carden said she had not considered working at Hillcrest, but now she wants to get more information. The books and backpack let her know that Hillcrest cares about nursing students, she said.

Carly Bodley said the gift would leave her more money for food and rent this school year.

Other local hospitals and the Tulsa Hospitals Council also support TCC nursing students, Anthony said. St. Francis Health System is paying full scholarships for 10 students this year, she said. St. John Health System licensed practical nurses are getting further training at TCC to become registered nurses.


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Sounds like a sweet deal!

Thats awesome

We are lucky to get a thank you at the end of our clinical rotations that include 3 months of 40 hours of unpaid work a year. LOL


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Nice.... I am sure more than a few of those graduates will consider that hospital.

If the hopsital is smart, they had their name engraved on the backpack and stickers put in the books so the students wil be reminded of them every time they look at that stuff.


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All I got was a chicken salad plate @ a recuitment lunch! LOL! My how the times have changed!


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All I got was a chicken salad plate @ a recuitment lunch! LOL! My how the times have changed!

Students these say are getting so-fis-ti-mu-kated! :lol2: The hosptial bribes have to be high tech! ;)

Was the chicken salad good? Did they put it on a soft onion roll, a kaiser bun or a buttery crossaint??

Lana, maybe you need to call that hospital up and gently remind them of your nursing school class!


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I go to nursing school in a mid-sized Metro area and one of the hospitals likes to give small gifts to clinical students. On the orientation day of clinical, the recruiters come in and give their little spiel and hand out little gifts. They keep a list of which students have gotten which gifts so that if you do more than one clinical there they can give you a different treat. This time we got T-shirts with the hospital logo. I think some of the other treats are water bottles and other logo stuff.

We also have a job fair at our school twice a year and the recruiters bring lots of goodies...candy, lip balms, pens, etc to hand out to the students.

I love my school.

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