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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to gain employment in the hospital with no prior medical experience.? I am starting my program in Sept. however I have never worked in a hospital or in the medical field for that matter. I always worked in HR. I have been applying but never seem to get any response. I live upstate NY. I thought it would be good to gain some experience while I am in school. Any suggestions???

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Is volunteering an option for you?

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What kind of jobs are you applying for? Since you haven't started your LPN program, and you don't have CNA certification, you won't be eligible for many healthcare positions.

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You could get jobs that are patient care attendants or sitter which are patients that are under watch for safety concerns.

I never thought about volunteering before. I was applying for non medical because I haven't started the LPN program and I am not a CNA either. I was hoping to get in to gain some experience but maybe because I have no background they aren't even looking at me for their clerical. I was just wondering.. Thanks

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