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I have a simple question. I have an ADN. Does anyone know if you need a BSN to work as a hospice nurse? I have searched the threads and have not found a definitive answer?

jaelpn, LPN

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Hospice will hire CNA's/LPN's/RN's... my boyfriends mother (who has an associate) just got hired on as an RN staff nurse. So good luck to you!

NO, it depends on what you want to do, think of hospice as a hospital with different roles, if you want to be an administrator you will probably need one, to be an intake/admission or other regular nurse you need to have your RN licence, thats all that matters, they usually dont care whether you got it as a diploma, through hospital training (texas has some) or through community college


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I can speak for all Hospice Agencies, but ours will hire RNs with an Associate's.

Word of advice, though: one year med/surg experience is incredibly helpful. I would have drowned without the 'fundamental' background, time management, and assessment skills I learned.

If you are doing home hospice RN, you really need the experience. You are on your OWN when you are in a pt's home and assessing them.

Oh, our agency REQUIRES one year med/surg experience.

All the best- Hospice is incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging!!