West Texas Hospice???

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    Am looking to change nursing field from LTC to Hospice. Was wondering if anyone could tell me about some of the Hospice Companies in the West Texas area? Pro's and Con's, how the work schedules are set ...etc. I have had interaction with one particular major company in this area for several years, while working in LTC, but still do not know much about this company. Have looked them up on the internet, and they sound pretty good. Do not know if I am allowed to mention the company's name on this site or not, so I will play it safe and not use their name. If anyone has any information, please email me.
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  3. by   military spouse
    I was employed by Odyssey Healthcare in El Paso, TX a few years back. We had an awesome mgt. team and my coworkers were all great. I remember it fondly as one of my best jobs. Shortly after I left, the Manager (forget her exact title, but she was above the PCMs) left and she was a big part of why employment there was so special. I can't really say what it is like now, but it was great then!!!!!!!
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    I don't know about the specific office there in Littlefield, but Vista Care has offices there in West Texas. I work for them in Montgomery, Alabama. I moved from Clovis, New Mexico not long after they opened an office in Clovis. Absolutely wonderful company to work for. Started by nurses and I LOVE it. The six weeks of paid time off a year don't hurt either. HTH

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