significant dates or occasions to die

  1. :heartbeatWill others please share of their experiences where the patient
    died on a particular date of significance. Iam really interested in
    this as it seems to comfort the families. Do you think this is real
    or just a coincidence?

    I have a couple that I can remember as a hospice nurse that have
    really stood out in my mind.
    One paticular one, was where a man who had a daughter and had been
    estranged from her for 7 years. She came back to him when she heard of
    his illness, they reunitied, and she was his primary caregiver. He died on her birthday.

    The other one, was where an elderly woman who died on what would have been their 75th
    wedding anniversary. Her spouse had already passed, but on his death bed had
    made the family promise to take care of her since he no longer could. This comforted the
    family knowing that grandpa had come for her.

    Do you believe these stories? Out of 356 days in a year in which one could die, why would a dying patient
    choose a particular date? Please share others .
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  3. by   kellyc034
    My Dad died on my Mom's birthday. He stated about a week prior to his death (while he was still somewhat coherent) that this year he was going to give my Mom the best present she could ever ask for. She had been taking care of him up until the week before his death when he was admitted to inpatient hospice when she just couldn't do it anymore. We didn't think much of it at the time because he was kind of in and out and a bit confused. When he passed on her birthday, we got the message. My Mom was actually so incredibly pleased, not that my father had passed (of course) but that the end to his suffering was his personal birthday gift to her.
  4. by   tewdles
    We cannot know if this is true or not...but we see it all the time. Monday my patient died 30 mins before his newest grandchild and only grandson was born. He had told me the week before that he wanted to live to the birthday, which was a scheduled CS for today. I told him I thought he might not make that date and he agreed with me. His dtr in law had spont rupture of membranes monday morning and was admitted and delivered...he died same morning. His family is quite sure he met his grandson in "passing", in fact, his dtr said that he had tears from his eyes a few moments before he took his last breath. Coincidence?
  5. by   americanTrain
    The elderly lady I mentioned earlier that died on what would have been their 75th anniverary? When the family asked me what she was waiting for, I had asked them if they could think of what Dec 1st meant to them, any significance? They told me 6 hours before she died that it was their anniversary. With their permision, of course,
    after midnight, I told the patient " happy anniversary". It was about 30 seconds later that her grandaughter saw
    a tear roll from the corner of her eye. This still gives me goose pimples. I muscle contraction, reflex; etc.
    But whatever it was, I'll never forget that moment.
    Thanks for the replies and sharing your stories; I know hospice nurses do believe!