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  1. I'm not even in nursing school yet, but I want to know how difficult it is (or isn't) for a newly graduated RN to get into the area of Hospice. That's my dream and goal. Did Hospice volunteer work for a few years and loved it. Anyone have information/advice? Do I really need to spend two years on a med/surg floor before any Hospice would even begin to consider me? I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks.
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  3. by   Lucy RN
    Welcome to Nursing!! I have been a hospice nurse for 3 years and I have been a nurse for 15 years. I began working med-surg and ER, then I worked in long term care for a year but found that to be a little too slow for my liking!
    I think that you would be better off to work for a year or two to get your skills fine tuned. It is good to learn and practice assessment skills, etc. I am not sure if hospice hires nurses right from school, I know my hospice was looking for nurses with a couple years of med-surg experience.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  4. by   renerian
    Bella I asked huby this since he is a director at a rural hospice and he said his criteria is one year of acute care experience. Other hospices may be different.

  5. by   BellaTerra2002

    I interviewed a Hospice Case Manager yesterday, and she said, among many other helpful things, that I will need at least 1-2 years of acute care experience. I thought it would be necessary, and that's fine. Thanks again.
  6. by   aimeee
    Our requirements are a little more least one year of med-surg, oncology OR long term care experience. You will have a great deal of independence when you do Hospice care, and you will need that experience to draw upon. The more well rounded your background, the more comfortable and confident you will be in the field. Best wishes for success with your studies!
  7. by   BellaTerra2002
    Hi, Aimeee. Good to 'see' you. Thanks for the info. I have miles to go yet before I get there. But I'll get there. Thanks again.