make a good palitive care nurse?

  1. So I have an interview next week on palitive care in our hospital.
    What shoud I be prepared to answer? I have been an LPN for 5
    years but have delt very little with nursing skills. More supervise the
    aids and charting. What are this skills I could use in a hopsital setting?
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  3. by   EmptytheBoat
    Spelling and literacy would be a start. Best wishes!
  4. by   phyllis7
    What a way to show support to your fellow nurses!?! Shame on you for your complete lack of couth. Literacy and spelling? Obviously, this nurse can read. So what if she misspelled a word or two? It's a post, not a freaking resume.
  5. by   Wren
    I don't know Phyllis, I agree with Empty the Boat. I know it is just a forum but when we have ONLY the written word to communicate with, that is what our impressions will be based upon. Obviously if we had the advantage of seeing and talking with the poster then we'd have more information to go on. I think a gentle reminder that spelling and grammar are important is appropriate.

    That said....love2shop, if you haven't had your interview yet then I would emphasize your willingness to learn new skills since this is a new area for you. Palliative care can be very rewarding and I wish you the best.
  6. by   phyllis7
    You are correct. I am not saying that I didn't catch the many errors in her post. I did. I just think there may have been a more tactful way to say it. With that being said, I, too, could have been more tactful. Thanks for the insight, Wren! Good luck, love2shop!
  7. by   wonderbee
    Be prepared to answer ethical questions. Your feelings about withdrawing care for terminally ill patients will be explored.