Laxative for patient with Kidney Cancer

  1. Does anyone have an algorhythm or the like for selection of laxatives to use for the patient with kidney disease/cancer.

    I tried to order senna today for a patient, from a local pharmacy, and they said that senna had been "recalled".

    I suggested dulcolax 10mg today with warm prune juice, but no results yet, and miralax isn't an option because it says not for persons with "kidney disease", same thing with mag citrate. patient is NOT interested in an enema of any way shape or form.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Higgs
    I guess that if they dont want an enema , then they dont want a supp...

    dont know why senna would be news to me. Try another pharmacy.

    can you get hold of lactulose? keep on with dulcolax, give lactulose and encourage high fibre diet/prune juice etc....should work eventually...or it'll get to the point where they beg for the enema...

    Also consider how long it's been since last BM...take a look at the meds they're on...bowel sounds...pain...distention...possible obstructions etc etc

    good luck!
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