Inservice help needed

  1. Hi,
    I just started Hospice, and I need to do an inservice for the Team meeting on the 23rd. Well, being new, I don't want to do what has no value to the more experience nurses. Any ideas?
    Love you guys!

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  3. by   renerian
    Good question. Let me think on this and post tonight.
  4. by   cargal
    Thank you renarian , anyone else?
  5. by   renerian
    Can you ask during the IDT meeting and see if they have a burning desire for anything? Since you just started it is odd your doing an inservice unless your in education.

    How about cultural diversity?

  6. by   cargal
    mmmmm Really good one renarian. Thank you.
  7. by   renerian
    Cargal my hubby runs a hospice in Fairfield County Ohio. Does your organization belong to the NHA or a state wide hospice alliance type group? What position are you in?

  8. by   MiddleT
    Since supply companies have now product all the time. It is nice to know what is new out there. An area of great change is Wound Care Products for decubs. This may be helpful to your senior co-workers.
  9. by   renerian
    Cargal to bad your not in Ohio I would come and do an inservice on how to pick incontinence products.......

  10. by   cargal
    As it turns out, I was for snacks and meditation today. I got the snacks, but didn't know I was in charge of the meditation. My bad, lol. They put me on the spot anyway, so I just said keep up the great job, lol again. The snacks were mediocre at best, too. It also turns out the inservice is planned by the office staff RN's, my supervisor, so I am off the hook. My name was on the schedule, but all I have to do is "role play" a given scenario.
    But geez renarian, thanks for being there for me. What kind of incontinence products do you have? I am very curious- what a need out there, these poor people. All we deal with is adult briefs.