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  1. Interviewing for a per diem hospice position - any advice on how to present myself would be great from you experienced hospice nurses. It is a goal of mine to work hospice - have been working ICU and pretty burned. Mostly due to keeping folks alive who are already dead... Anyway any advice would be great.
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I am hoping to get some ideas here as well--

  4. by   momcats3
    Hi, I was hired at Hospice about a month ago, after working Per Diem for a month. I love it!!!!! Honestly, in my interview it all came down to how you felt about the work Hospice was doing, if you had any personal experience w/Hospice, and naturally, what other experience you had. Many nurses in our Hospice came from ICU/CCU and ER. I guess I just was very honest about what was in my heart, and why I thought I wanted to work in Hospice. Per diem was a good way to learn about hospice, but I'm so glad I'm full time because you're able to establish relationships with both patients and family. It's very satisfying . One of the first things that struck me, and still sticks w/me today is that, finally, you have the luxury of spending time with these folks, and it's so welcomed and appreciated.

    Good luck, and let me know how it turns out
  5. by   orchid
    hi there..try www.hospitalsoup.com they have a lot of Qand A for nursing interviews...good luck