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First of all, I do LOVE this hospice I work for. I've only been there for 2 months, but they are a good group. I work another job 6 days a month, I've rearranged my days at the other job to... Read More

  1. by   AtlantaRN
    if you want to stay in hospice you absolutely need to find out how much of "you" you need to protect - otherwise you won't make it for the long term

    Thank YOU Hospicenurse

    I want to do the right thing for my patients, and for myself, because if I don't take care of me, there will be no ME to care for THEM.
  2. by   AtlantaRN
    Quote from MALE*RN*777
    I find it funny that you started off with I love this hospice I work for then went on a listing of things that drive you crazy. If you really love it then I would put my foot down so you don't regret it later. Also if your not on call this is not professional and in some states employer harassment.
    Clarification: I DO love the patients, and I love helping the families. I just don't like to be on call 24/7, when i'm only on call from 5pm-8am a couple of days when i'm not working my hospital job. BTW: I was gone 10:30p-6am with a dying patient, and they called me at 0900 to go and pronounce the patient. I said NO, i was out there 7.5h and i've only had 3 hours sleep. administrators response "well i'll call Nurse A, but if she can't go i'll call you back." I turned my phone off til I awoke at 12:30, I called nurse A, said she took care of it, it wasn't a problem. I was only on call til 8am...

    thanks for your input, I never would have thought of the harassment angle.
  3. by   SpringTXRN
    I love Hospice and I love my pts..but when I am not on call..I am not on call and do not call me...my office does this..triage first calls my work cell which in on vibrate. then my personal cell which I screen..I learned the hard way to just not answer it..they have even call me at 0130 to go pronounce a pt just because I was closest in proximity and they couldnt get hold of the RN on call!
    The office and mgmt does not understand I am a person first, a wife and mother and an RN and I need my down time...after all come 5PM they go home
  4. by   Sue Damonas
    They shouldn't be calling you when you are off. You are not on duty or on call 24/7.