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  1. Hello. Just a few quick questions about hospice nursing & overtime. I am interested in a hospice position in my area, but I have small kids at home and don't want to have to bring work home. Do most hospice nurses put in lots of unpaid OT? Is it possible to clock out after your 8 hrs? The reason I ask is I have done inpatient hospice & loved it, but my current job (not hospice) pays great & I don't have any overtime. I really wouldn't want to resent my job intruding into family time. The hospice job is not union, so I know if I get such a job, I have little room to wiggle. But I do so miss the direct patient care & family support. At this point, I prefer to work part time because my kids are so little (under 5). Also- do they tend to schedule you consistenly on the same days or are you expected to switch shifts/days (this is really hard when you have kids in school/daycare). I am also interested in hearing what to look for as far as manageable workload & support for such a role. Thanks for any tips/advice!
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  3. by   tewdles
    If you currently have a job that you enjoy with workable hours that fit your family with an employer who treats you well I wonder why you want to gamble that?

    Your hours and workload and OT will largely be determined by the policy, practice, and management style of the hospice agency...and those are all unknowns to you right now.

    What I can confirm without a doubt is that field hospice nursing is much more time demanding that inpatient hospice nursing and you will likely find yourself working after hours and potentially being oncall if you accept a FT field position.

    My grandpa used to say..."if it ain't broke don't fix it"
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    Thanks for the reply Tewdles. Yes, I said my current hours are great and the job pays well in my current job. I like the actual job that I do, but it is very fast paced, stressful (all my nursing jobs have been this way) and management is not supportive. I am not working inpatient hospice at this time. I work in another setting.I also have a long commute. Management is very critical, and this adds to an already stressful job. So, I keep looking for my dream job, hoping a better fit is out there. I am keeping this job for now, and I am glad to have it, don't get me wrong. Thanks for the reply, though. I am VERY grateful for my current job, but still seeking something that is a better fit.
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