Hospice and Labor Unions

  1. Are there any hospice nurse out there who are represented by a labor union?
    Willing to share your experience?
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  3. by   river1951
    We have the CNA. We are part of a large system, and voted as such. I'm not sure if we had voted independently it would've passed. As it is, the nurses are represented, I have a slightly jaundiced view as I'm a sup. I don't know how much help it actually is for them.
    Before I was a sup, I didn't belong- which was only possible because my having my job predated the union coming in. I've not liked unions (grew up in rust belt with factories shut down by unions and high unemployment- a perspective thing)...
    I do know that our hospice nurses do after hours call for the entire agency and the union will not support them in asking homehealth nurses to do their share. (more homehealth nurses than hospice nurses?)
    I just remember from my childhood the union bosses always had money even when the workers were out for 6 mo and broke.
    But I digress. I also am a believer in that professionals are able to speak for themselves, guilds and professional organizations definitely needed= unions, I do not believe in- Thanks for listening to my rant. Best wishes.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    When my Dad was dying at home we were blessed with amazing hospice nurses. They were unionized associated with a large hospital.
    My Dads nurse was not pro union but a wonderful nurse.

    I want to thank all of you for the incredible support you are to patients and families.
  5. by   weetziebat
    We're union and I love it. But always have loved unions. In my last union job, they backed us when admin. was out to see heads roll (for no reason except admin was in a snit). Have seen too many nurses get a raw deal when no one was there to back them. Just my