Chest tube for hospice patient?

  1. Just curious...have any of you had a hospice pt with a chest tube? I am about to get a new pt with a chest tube...and it sounds like the tube will be left in indefinately (I suppose I'll hear more about this pt in tomorrow's report). I have worked with chest tubes in the hospital setting, but not the home setting...and I have never had a pt need a chest tube in for more than a week. This is a lung CA pt. Have any of you delt with chest tubes (the one connected to the glass bottle) in the home setting?
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  3. by   plumrn
    I've had a couple of pts go home with a chest tube in due to recurrent pleural effusions. Relieves the shortness of breath and discomfort from the fluid buildup. They both had CA and the tubes were to remain in indefinitely. Don't know what happened after they went home tho.
  4. by   renerian
    When I worked at the hospital we had one Doc that would never use the wall suction he always used the bottles. I can try to help you. What did you want to know?

    I checked with hubby who runs a hospice and he said that to his knowledge they have never had someone with a chest tube.

  5. by   FrankieJane
    renerian...I found a couple of sites on the web that gave instructions for chest tubes with bottles. If I'm not mistaken, it appears that I care for this type of chest tube the same as a pleuravac (without the suction). The only thing I wasn't sure about was when to change the bottles (other than when the bottles are geeting too full). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!