Can lpn/rn work at a funeral home?

  1. Have you ever heard of jobs for lpns/rns in funeral services?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I cannot think of a single thing that a nursing license would qualify you to do.
  4. by   tectonic6086
    I work part time in a funeral home and full time as an RN. I went to mortuary school about a decade ago. The only overlap between the role of the RN and the role of a funeral service practitioner is the medical examiner. Where I live, RNs can become qualified to test into the role of deputy medical examiners (ie. determining cause of death or necessity of an autopsy). Every single law regarding death and dying is specific to the state in which you live.
    Forensic nursing is an option. You can work in the funeral industry as a salesperson, but most funeral industry positions pay far less than nursing.