Anyone else get good news in the mail?

  1. got my chpn results today...
    i passed!
    :hatparty: :d
    good luck to all waiting on their letters!
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  3. by   Laurell28
    Congratulations!!! I got mine back today and passed too. WaHoo. That was one tough test.
  4. by   RnRatchet
    congrats to you too! i've heard from a couple of the other girls from my agency.. so far so good.. all passes so far that studied together!
    and oh my yes.. that was a tough one.. i was so dizzy with questions when i walked out i had no idea how i did!
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  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from rnratchet
    got my chpn results today...
    i passed!
    :hatparty: :d
    good luck to all waiting on their letters!

    congratulations to you! :roll :roll
  8. by   Ashera

    I passed! Letter was in the mail yesterday. Didn't have the courage to open it til today as I'd had a horrid day working yesterday.

    Congratulations to everyone - for either passing - or simply taking the exam in the first place. I heard from twice as many nurses out there that did not pass the first time - so if you did not pass this time around - you are in excellent company. Two very seasoned hospice hurses told me that sometimes, the more experienced nurses find the exam so limiting that it is difficult to pass.

    I thought the exam was horribly hard and some of the questions were crazy -

    Still can't believe it...
  9. by   mc3
    Hi from sunny FLA I passed, too....Did anyone else think there were crazy questions also? I sure did...

  10. by   Marty1
    Congratualtions to you all!
    Would any of your help those of us wanting to do the same ?
    How did you study?
    What books were used, the name of them ect?
    Thank you so much