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I've been a nurse for a little over a year now. I would like to transition into hospice. Does anyone have any information about reputable hospice agencies? Heartland, Asera Care, Seasons, and Vitas are the main companies in my area. Does anyone have opinions on these companies as far as professionalism and employee satisfaction?? I would appreciate any info. Thanks!!


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Anyone? I have no friends/coworkers who work in hospice, so I have no one to ask really. I have wanted to be a hospice nurse for awhile, ever since caring for my mom who passed a few years ago. I just want to work for a reputable company and there are many hospice agencies out there. Thanks.


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I know a few people that work for Heartland- they seem happy with their company. I have worked for a national company and a small regional company and have found myself much happier at the smaller company myself. The large company had no problem chewing and spitting out their nurses. I reached the end of my rope with them in 6 months and, looking back, I don't know how I lasted that long. Are there any smaller hospice companies in your area?


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If you talk to enough people, you will hear negative and positive comments about any agency. It also seems that the national chains differ greatly among regions. I think I would interview with all or them and try to get a feel for how well you would fit. The important questions to ask are overtime expectations and pay, on-call, and case load. But even some agencies with high expectations are lovely to work with if you get adequate support. Although I generally hear that small agencies are better to work for, they also tend to have less flexibility with staffing and on-call requirements. I work for a very large metropolitan area hospice (over 1200 patients) and they are wonderful.